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About us

NASP is a solid company with a small size which allows a extremely high adaptability and flexibility for any situation, and the development of highly innovative solutions for the aerospace, defense, energy and transport sectors.

The Aerospace Sector is involved in a changing and renewing process, where highly innovative solutions and resources optimization capability are needed as its only way to success and progress.

In this line, the progress requires to reduce the weight of the systems as a way to optimize their electrical power consumption and propulsion energy consumed. That is the proposal from NASP.

Because we are experts designing and developing high-tech and highly innovative electronic systems, like for instance: hybrid navigation systems, sensors, sensor networks, control systems on-board, embedded solutions, mixed signal complex solutions, etc, and specially power management and consumption optimization systems.

Our products and services are addressed to public and private companies and organizations that require systems and tools to improve their existing products, services and processes with innovation, technology and reliability as its key features.

NASP provides potential and freshness from an innovative company to achieve the most challenging technology adventures and projects.

"Everything that a man can imagine, others can make it come true”. Jules Verne.

Our team


A highly qualified team of engineers involved with the business project is the basis for driving results and objectives. A multidisciplinary team, which together with the experience from our partners builds up a strong synergy capable of facing the most challenging technological projects from today and tomorrow.

THE NASP TEAM is formed by professionals who apply disruptive technologies daily, and construct viable solutions for the companies of the future.


Hardware and Software | Full-custom design | Front-line Technology


Our size allows us to address any project, challenge, or technological development through innovation, reliability and value for money.

Our Expertise

Design and development of high-tech and highly innovative electronic systems for aerospace, energy, transport and military sectors with systems like: hybrid navigation systems, sensors, sensor networks, control systems on-board, embedded solutions, mixed signal high accurate solutions, etc, and specially power management and consumption optimization systems.

Front-Line Technology

The latest technical innovations available worldwide with proven efficacy. Because the domain of technology is absolutely key for us, because it is our core business and real competitive advantage, as well as our core element of the production process and differentiating factor for our market positioning.

Commercialization Model

Our commercialization model is based on a Business to Business (B2B) model, where the low quantity of customers and their projects quality relevance are the key. We are a systems and critical components provider for prime contractors (or OEM) from the aerospace, defense, energy and transport industries, which are in charge of the development of high volume investment projects.

Ultimate Generation Laboratory

We count with the ultimate generation laboratory equipment for highly accurate electronic measurements in order to design, test and develop any challenging project which involves microelectronics and/or telecommunications.


Intelligent Avionics Power Bus
Based on a prototype demonstrator of breakthrough technologies for space, which represents the electric and electronic power management system of the next generation of space micro-launchers (up to 100kg). The system proposes a revolutionary design for a space launcher power management system, which provides a volume and weight reduction of 40% from the overall launcher, reducing consequently the propulsion propellant consumption and its cost.

The project achieves an important milestone for the next generation of space micro-launchers, and especially for its power management system. It concluded last 21st of January 2010, with a formal presentation and live demonstration to the project investors: CNES (French Space Agency) and CDTI (Spanish Agency). Next steps will be taken under a technology demonstrators based program.

As a demonstrator and due to its key features as light weight, power consumption optimization and an optimum thermal heat dissipation, the system is ready to be adapted for a multiple variety of applications in other fields such as: Electric Vehicles (EV), Plugged-Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). Vehicles like: cars, boats, UAV's, spaceships, military, etc.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have an interesting proposal!

Liquid Micro Pulsed PlasmaThruster for nanosatellites (L-µPPT)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Rad-Hard Integrated Circuits


In NASP we are interested in your opinion, listen to your projects or initiatives, and to communicate with you.

"Do not wait for the right time. Start now. Do it now. If you wait for the right time, never stop waiting." (Jasmine Gillman)