Research and Development must be pragmatic

Research and Development must be pragmatic

Face-to-face interview with Eduardo Remirez, Co-Founder of NASP

Eduardo Remírez, together with his colleagues from JMP Ingenieros, Zigbee Telemetria and NASP, has developed around 350 projects in eighteen years, all of them with the hand of research in new technologies and applied to many in customer companies. Authentic space innovation in the La Rioja region heart.

 - such an eager mind does not wake up during the night?

 - it comes from family. My mother had an academy of mathematics, physics and chemistry at home, where she teached lessons to engineers for forty years. My brother and I lived in this environment and it was clear that we were directing our steps in this direction. I studied Technical Industrial Engineering in Logrono and then I devoted myself to extend my education in sectors that seemed to me to be interesting.

- after of being employed at French and German companies, you decide to start up your own business in La Rioja...

 - yes, and no one will move me away from here. We wanted to build a center in which we all could be located in the same place and make it as our own spiritual retirement place. Sotés seemed to us to be perfect and we designed a building specially conceived to shelter a company of new technologies in a rural location, an idea that it had been seen in countries as Germany, England and The United States.

 - it is still difficult to the non cientific local community to see our region as a source of aerospace projects, for example.

 - it is a question of mentality and the mental barriers are the most difficult to knock down. Sometimes it is not investigated, not because there are no persons sufficiently capable of doing it, but because there is kept certain respect that it is necessary to lose.

 - Is investigation the solution to many companies which are weakened seriously by the global crisis?

 - there is a moment for everything: one for the pure theoretical investigation, and other one, which is required at the moment, with a more pragmatic approach. It is necessary to support both to continue advancing, but now we need to give priority to the second one. As today one has never given the possibility of making profit from the intellectual work.

 - And in I+D+i (R&D) are institutional grants required?

- R&D has a high component of risk, which it increases the more ambitious it is the investigation. It implies a support, good is of the institutions, or of the banks, or of the big companies. Here there are people with brilliant brains, but if we do not provide them with resources we make with them a good investment. If other actions with less potential are supported, it is logical that in times of crisis they change the priorities.


 - in 2008 they were presenting the project of spatial shuttle 'Aldebarán'. In which point is it?

 - sailing between two waters. Sarkozy has intervened and it requested a report to the director of 'Aldebarán' on the methods of propulsion and the scene in which they were going to find France and the European Space Agency (ESA) in a few years time. The project is in a point between continuing as it was conceived, or to do a change and to give the great jump towards ' Arianne 6 '.

 - And which will be the path?

 - the last official document indicates that ' Arianne 6 ' will base on all the previous knowledge of the ESA and all that that we have investigated and continue investigating in 'Aldebarán' project.

 - Are these studies translated also in production inside our community?

 - we already are producing components, what happens is that, at this stage of 'Aldebaran'.


In NASP we are interested in your opinion, listen to your projects or initiatives, and to communicate with you.

"Do not wait for the right time. Start now. Do it now. If you wait for the right time, never stop waiting." (Jasmine Gillman)